Boracay population rises to 37K

BORACAY–The population of Boracay Island grew from roughly 32,267 in 2015 to 37,802 in 2020, prompted by domestic migration for economic and job opportunities.

The latest statistics are in and they show that the barangays of Manocmanoc, Balabag, and Yapak continue to grow despite the pandemic, based on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing released by the Philippine Statistics Authority on July 7, 2021.

Manocmanoc is the most populous with 20,504, followed by Balabag (10,282), and Yapak (7,016).

In Aklan, Lezo is the smallest municipality in terms of population size with 15,639 persons, followed by Madalag with 18,890, or a combined population of 34,529.

Aside from Manocmanoc and Balabag, three barangays in Kalibo recorded the biggest populations in 2020: Andagaw (15,404), Poblacion (12,000), and New Buswang (11,382).

The least populated barangay in the province of Aklan was Capataga, Malinao, with 53 individuals, followed by Tamokoe, Tangalan, with 133 persons.

Five barangays posted a population size of less than 300. These are Rivera, Ibajay (201); Cabugao, Ibajay (266); San Isidro, Banga (266); Malindog, Ibajay (284), and Napatag, Tangalan (288).

Of the 17 towns, the largest in terms of population is Kalibo, Aklan, with 89,127, followed by Malay with 60,777.

Also in the top 10 populous towns in Aklan were Ibajay with 52,364 persons, New Washington (47,955), Nabas (40,632), Banga (40,318), Numancia (35,693), Batan (33,484), Balete (30,090), and Makato with 29,717 persons.

Libacao had 28,272 persons living in 24 barangays, followed by Altavas (25,639), Malinao (24,517), Tangalan (23,704), and Buruanga with 19,357 persons.

Overall, the population of the province of Aklan was 615,475 as per the 2020 survey compared to 574,823 in August 2015. (Boy Ryan Zabal/iNEWS-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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