Aklan radio announcer: It would take more than bullets in bread to gag me

PHOTO CAPTION: Che Indelible (right), radio journalist at Radyo Todo 88.5 FM Aklan, was sent a death threat in the form of bullets in pan de sal (left) shortly before he was to start his hard-hitting noontime program./iNEWS

KALIBO, Aklan–What they perhaps thought was a well-meant, if not generous, gesture from a fan or supporter turned out to be anything but.

This, after a “gift” of a late-morning snack of hot pan de sal for Che Indelible of Radyo Todo 88.5 FM Aklan was really ‘hot’, packing a lot of heat as evidenced by the bullets it contained, an obvious death threat for the outspoken announcer.

The plastic bag of six pieces of the Filipino bread roll and a bottle of soda was said to have been dropped off an hour before Indelible’s noontime program by an unidentified man estimated to be between 50 and 60 years old, wearing a mask and a hooded jacket.

It was only upon closer inspection that the staff discovered four of the pan de sal each had a 9mm bullet in it.

Indelible remains unfazed despite the intimidating ‘gift’ of bread and soda and says he will continue to tackle urgent issues that need his attention./iNEWS

Indelible admits that perhaps his hard-hitting commentaries on critical issues affecting the poor in the province as well as his exposés of irregularities by government officials may have angered some of his listeners, “but this is not going to change the way I do my job.”

Nevertheless, he personally went to the Kalibo police station and Aklan Provincial Police Office to report the matter.

“The police are taking this very seriously. After all, this is not only a threat to me but a threat against each and every radio reporter and journalist,” Indelible said.

He added that he thinks someone of wealth and influence may be behind the intimidation but did not mention any name.

“Hindi naman kasi tayo tumatalakay ng mga maliliit na isyu sa radyo [You see, we do not deal with minor issues on radio],” he explained.

For his part, Radyo Todo Aklan station manager Jonathan Cabrera condemned the death threats and urged authorities to probe the case deeply and identify the suspect or suspects the soonest. (Boy Ryan Zabal/iNEWS-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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