As new COVID-19 cases drop, Treñas appeals to IATF for lower quarantine classification

PHOTO CAPTION: Iloilo City mayor Jerry Treñas is asking the IATF to lower the quarantine classification of the city now that it has recorded a sharp decline in new COVID-9 cases the last three weeks so that the local economy can recover amid the atmosphere of a new normal./iNews (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of the Philippine News Agency)

ILOILO CITY–Iloilo City mayor Jerry Treñas has recently appealed to the national Inter-Agency Task Force in the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID) for a lower quarantine classification for the city now that new COVID-19 cases have significantly ebbed in the last few weeks.

According to the city chief executive, many businesses in the city have closed down in recent months because of the high quarantine classification in the city vis-à-vis a surge in COVID-19 cases the last couple of months, leading hundreds to lose their jobs, so he believes it is only right for city officials to ask for a lower quarantine classification now that the cases are on a decline so that business can re-open and re-hire people.

“Cases are going down. I am appealing to you to lower the quarantine classification of Iloilo City so that we can also allow more economic activities,” Treñas said, adding, “Businessmen and the Ilonggos are hurting because of the lockdowns. Many businesses have closed and many Ilonggos are out of jobs.”

Treñas is optimistic that the IATF will approve the request considering the significant decrease in new cases, the high vaccination rate of the city—among the highest outside the National Capital Region (NCR)—and the opening of two modular hospitals for mild to moderate COVID-19 positive patients.

“It is high time for the local economy to slowly recover from the ongoing pandemic so that businesses can re-open and generate additional jobs while schools gradually allow limited in-person classes under the new normal,” he said.

To note, Iloilo City is under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions for at least the first 15 days of October.

As of October 11, 2021, Iloilo City had 1,132 active COVID-19 cases, a total of 21,161 confirmed recoveries, and 542 deaths. It had recorded lower cases compared to the provinces of Iloilo and Negros Occidental and the city of Bacolod in the last three weeks, submitting 815, 610, and 419 weekly new cases, respectively, from September 20 to October 10. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNews)

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