Bacolod experiencing 3rd COVID-19 wave

PHOTO CAPTION: Metro Bacolod is experiencing a rather deadly third wave of COVID-19 infections, with already close to 60 deaths two weeks into September./iNEWS

BACOLOD CITY–Bacolod City is experiencing a third wave of COVID infections based on the latest statistics of cases and deaths, the Bacolod Emergency Operations Center (EOC) said.

Based on the average jump in new cases daily, Bacolod is now at 95 percent, a figure inching closer to that in June this year, which was at 119 percent.

According to the EOC, the metro had its first wave in September 2020 and the second in June 2021.

The city recorded triple-digit cases the last couple of days, with 150 logged on September 16 alone.

“This keeps the tracking team fully occupied extracting patients from their homes and isolating them in quarantine facilities,” disclosed City Administrator and EOC Executive Director Em Ang.

“The current number of COVID deaths at 57 is alarming, especially since we’re only halfway through the month and the more recent deaths, including those of some media personalities, have yet to be registered for lack of death certificates,” Ang said.

Data from the EOC also showed that COVID-related deaths last month stood at 57; the highest on record was 76 in September of last year.

In total, Bacolod has had 500 deaths since the pandemic began.


The presence of the Delta variant in Bacolod is one reason for the sharp spike in cases, the EOC said.

Bacolod has recorded 21 Delta infections, including the nine new patients found positive for the highly contagious variant, and one fatality.

A 57-year-old driver from Brgy. Mandalagan was the first death related to the Delta variant.

Of the eight Delta patients who needed to be re-swabbed, the tracking team was able to locate seven, while the family of the remaining one has refused to tell the whereabouts of the subject.

The team was also able to re-swab 19 close contacts; four later tested positive and have since been brought to isolation facilities.


Two brothers—both unvaccinated—from a family of eight who tested positive for COVID-19 were among the 57 COVID-related deaths in Bacolod City in the first 16 days of this month, a report from the City EOC revealed.

It added that, as per contact tracing, the first family member who contracted the virus was the 39-year-old son, an event organizer, who died September 1.

He had fever, cough, and colds as early as August 25 and an RT-PCR test would confirm he was COVID-19 positive.

His 35-year-old brother died on September 11.

Their 68-year-old vaccinated father also tested positive for COVID but experienced mild symptoms.

The 75-year-old mother, also vaccinated, was the only family member who tested negative for the coronavirus.

Of the 57 deaths recorded from September 1-16, 51 were not vaccinated, three were partially vaccinated, and three were fully inoculated.

These figures show that vaccinated individuals have a lower chance of having severe or critical conditions upon contracting COVID-19 compared to unvaccinated persons, the EOC pointed out.


The capacity utilization rate of seven hospitals in Bacolod City in terms of bed allocation for COVID-19 patient admissions was 89.96 percent as of September 15.

The Department of Health Region 6 said Bacolod remains under the high-risk classification for COVID as it has a two-week growth rate of 63 percent, an average daily attack rate of 14.58 percent, and a positivity rate of 22 percent as of Sept. 15.

It added that the highly urbanized city logged 1,508 active cases as of Wednesday, with 96 new infections, 28 recoveries, and seven new deaths.

As of Thursday, September 16, Bacolod had 125 new cases with two deaths and 29 recoveries.

The city had a total of 1,602 active cases as of Thursday, September 16. (Eugene Y. Adiong/iNEWS-Bacolod/Negros Bureau)

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