Britanico tags Defensor as mastermind in 2020 Muller-Britanico twin murders

PHOTO CAPTION: Former Assemblyman Salvador Britanico (right) said former Iloilo City Police Office director P/Col. Martin Defensor (left) was the mastermind in the killing of Allain Muller that also led to his son Delfin’s slay early last year. (N. Glenn Aragon/Photos courtesy of Aksyon Radyo Iloilo FB page)

ILOILO CITY–Former Assemblyman Salvador Britanico recently dropped a bombshell as to the killing of one Allain Muller in Brgy. Cuartero, Jaro, early January last year, saying the mastermind in the controversial murder was no other than then-chief of the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO), Col. Martin Defensor.

The ranking police chief was also tagged as the one behind the mix-up that muddled up the investigation into the succeeding murder of Britanico’s son Delfin in La Paz only minutes after Muller’s slay.

Defensor’s connection to the twin murders was based on a testimony by P/Cpl. Joseph Andrew Joven, who was among those accused of Muller’s killing.

“Yes, Col. (Martin) Defensor has (sic) a participation. As a matter of fact, he was the principal, the mastermind in the killing of (Allain) Muller. Pero sa bata ko ‘ya, wala siya sang direkta nga participation in the actual killing. Ang iya participation, after the killing. Nga ginhatagan niya si Joven kag ang iban pa nga mga akusado, by implication, sang suporta kag ginpalikaw-likaw niya ang imbestigasyon [But in the case of my son, he had no direct participation in the actual killing. His participation was after the killing. By giving Joven and the other accused, by implication, support while also putting the investigation off-course].”

Members of the media tried to get the reaction of Defensor to Britanico’s statement but he declined to comment.


It may be recalled that in an earlier interview with the former lawmaker, Britanico said that Joven’s testimony points to Defensor as the one who made the decision to eliminate Muller. In fact, a meeting allegedly took place at the ICPO headquarters two days before the murders to choose who to target between Muller and an unnamed individual.

It was learned that all the accused—Joven, P/SSgt. Ricardo Morante, P/MSgt. Vernie Lui Escorial, P/SSgt. Michael de Felipe, and P/SSgt.  Freddie Libo-on—chose Muller but had to kill Delfin, too, since Britanico’s son saw them stripping the decals off the vehicle they used in shooting Muller to death minutes earlier.

Joven also revealed that they were offered between P5,000 and P50,000 to go into hiding and not to serve as witnesses in the case filed by the Muller and Britanico families. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNEWS)

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