CLAJODA to petition LTFRB for P2.50 minimum fare increase amid successive oil price hikes

PHOTO CAPTION: Modernized jeepneys plying the routes of the city and province of Iloilo could soon charge an additional P2.50 on top of the present P11 in minimum fare if the proposed fare hike of CLAJODA is approved./iNews (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of the Philippine News Agency)

ILOILO CITY–As though the impending threat by traditional public utility vehicles (PUVs) to increase the minimum fare amid the spike in oil prices worldwide were not a problem enough, now the association of modernized jeepneys in the city of Iloilo says they are also considering an increase in fares for the same reason.

According to Mr. Rizal Alido, president of the City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (CLAJODA), they are in the process of drafting a petition for a P2.50 raise in minimum fare for modernized jeepneys.

He added that operators and drivers have already been complaining about the series of increases in the prices of all petroleum products in the last couple of weeks, and they can no longer absorb the hike in fuel prices without asking for an increase in fares.

Presently, the minimum fare of modernized jeepneys is P11, which means, in the event that their petition for a fare increase is given due course and approved, the minimum fare of these jeepneys will be at P13.50.

In addition to this, Alido said that, along with the said petition, they will also petition the Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB) for a complimentary hike in the minimum fare of traditional jeepneys as they also have members operating and driving conventional PUJs in their association. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNews)

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