Conflicting informants’ accounts give Diergos murder investigation pause

PHOTO CAPTION: The investigation into the murder of medical representative Claire Diergos (inset) is no way near resolution a week before it turns a month old as the account of the IPPO probe team’s resource person is a lot different from that of an alias Nene relative to the red SUV seen in Brgy. Inangayan as well as its occupants. Adding to the confusion are the vehement denials of the driver of the vehicle whose plate number was earlier ‘tagged’ as being that of the vehicle seen lurking in the area before and after the discovery of the murder. /iNews (N. Glenn Aragon/Photos courtesy of Claire Diergos’ Facebook page and Ruby Silubrico/PN)

ILOILO–Two conflicting accounts by two people who have provided information relative to the murder of Claire Diergos could very well stall the ongoing investigation, but the Iloilo Police Provincial Office’s Special Investigation Team (IPPO-SIT) is taking it all in stride.

In fact, P/SMS Francisco Lindero Jr., spokesperson of IPPO-SIT, had a ready explanation to reconcile the discrepancies between the accounts of one alias Nene and another resource person: there were likely two separate groups of people using two different vehicles who were lurking in the area at different times before and after the discovery of the crime.

“Sa aton nga resource person nga lalaki, amo na na-mention nga adtong sang kaagahon, mga three times nga nagbalik-balik ining SUV-type nga salakyan kag naga-stop over (sic) near the car ni Claire kag nagakuha sang pictures, which is different man ‘ya sa na-witness ni alyas Nene… nga SUV-type man nga salakyan nga ng karga niya babaye kag lalaki [From our male resource person, it was mentioned that in the early morning (of October 26), the SUV-type vehicle was seen in the area three separate times, stopping near Claire’s car to take pictures, which is different from another SUV-type vehicle that alyas Nene witnessed (in the area) with a woman and a man onboard],” the SIT spokesperson explained.

Lindero added, “There’s a possibility nga lain (ang namitlang sang lalaki nga resource person sa namitlang ni alyas Nene), kay different man ang instances sa diin nakita sang resource persons ang ini nga klase sang salakyan kag ining mga persona. There could be either apat ka mga persona tanan-tanan or there could only be three—if this one person nga nakaupod sang babaye is also the same person nga nakaupod sang isa ka lalaki sang aga nga nakita sang amon resource person nga lalaki [There’s a possibility that the ones mentioned by our male resource person are different from the persons mentioned by alias Nene because they saw them in separate instances. There could either be four persons in total or there could only be three—if this one person with the woman is also the same person who was with another man spotted earlier on the same day by our resource person].”

He said alias Nene had already agreed to give police investigators a description of the male and female occupants of the SUV she saw in their barangay on October 26 so that cartographic sketches could be made of the two for comparison with those seen by the male informant.


Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle carrying the alleged plate number of the SUV seen several times in the area where the Mitsubishi Montero Sport carrying the dead body of Diergos was found abandoned surfaced today and expressed his utter surprise as to why his plate number has been dragged into the issue.

“Natingala ‘ko kun paano nadala ang plate number sang salakyan namon. Nakibot ako [I am wondering how the plate number of our vehicle was dragged into this mess. I was shocked],” alias Toto stated, adding that Brgy. Inangayan is not part of his daily route.

“Ang adlaw-adlaw nga routine, from sa balay namon, ginadul-ong namon sa mother-in-law ko ang baby namon, then gadiretso kami sa ulubrahan. Pagpuli sa hapon, amo man na ang routine. From ulubrahan, pakadto sa mother-in-law, pakadto sa amon balay. Tama na ka hulungdon (ang Sta. Barbara sa amon ruta) [Our day-to-day routine sees us bringing our baby from the house to my mother-in-law’s before going to work. In the afternoon, it’s the same thing: from work, we pass by my mother-in-law’s house, then go straight home. Sta. Barbara is really out of the way for us],” alias Toto added.

He did, however, admit to passing through Brgy. Inangayan on October 27 on hindsight but denied stopping there for even a short while.

“Sa tuod-tuod lang, indi ako kabalo kun diin gid ang Brgy. Inangayan. Pero ang motorpool bal-an ko ‘ya. Nakaagi ‘to kami (sang October 27). Almost sa pareho nga routine, from balay namon, nagdul-ong (sang baby namon) sa akon mother-in-law. Nagkadto kami sa Cabatuan hospital kay nagpa-vaccinate si misis. Pero never gid (kami nag-agi) sang October 26 [Truthfully, I don’t even know where Brgy. Inangayan is. But I know where the motorpool is; we drove past it on October 27. (But) Same routine: we left our baby with my mother-in-law, and then we went to the district hospital in Cabatuan so my wife can get vaccinated. But we were definitely not in that vicinity on October 26],” he said. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNews)

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