LOCAL TRANSPORT GROUPS: We’re sure to fail MVIS test with our existing PUJ fleet

RAYMUNDO Parcon (right, inset) of the Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Owners and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA) and Halley Alcarde (left, inset) of the Western Visayas Transport Cooperative (WVTC) are pessimistic of the chances of the city’s PUJs to pass the rigid screening set by the LTO before they can be registered./INews (Main photo: Terri Amador; Parcon photo: courtesy of Aksyon Radyo; Alcarde photo: file)

ILOILO CITY–Transport groups here in the region can’t really do much of anything if the Land Transportation Office (LTO) pushes through with the implementation of Memo Circular No. 2018-2158, which sets the guidelines for the authorization of Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs) that will put in place the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS).

According to Mr. Raymundo “Boyet” Parcon, president of the Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Owners and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA), transport cooperatives in Western Visayas have appealed to LTO-6 to at least temporarily postpone the implementation of the new system while they are yet to fully modernize their public utility jeepneys (PUJs) here, to which the agency agreed.

In fact, the transport cooperatives have already started modernizing their fleet but the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic virtually stopped them in their tracks.

Now, with the LTO set to fully implement the MVIS mechanism in February or March this year, the ICLAJODA president is worried that the majority of the existing fleet of PUJs in Iloilo City will not be able to pass the strict inspection and, thus, won’t be able to ply their routes anymore.

He said that majority of the PUJs in their association are just fabricated in machine shops or combinations of spare parts from other vehicles.

“Siguro kadamo gid sang madula nga mga PUJs kay aton nabal-an nga indi gid kami makapasar. Una bes, wala kami speedometer; ikaduha, wala kami sang handbrake; ikatatlo, ang akon makina may tagas-tagas na. Ang aton mga clutch, brake, alignment sang rueda… kadamo gid sang violations [I really think a lot of our present PUJs will not pass the inspection. First, we don’t have a speedometer; two, we don’t have a handbrake; three, our engines are already leaking. The clutch, brake, alignment of wheels… we have so many violations],” Parcon averred.

MOST PUJs common in Iloilo City are fabricated or put together with various spare parts and will not pass the LTO’s 60-point inspection, claimed Parcon/INews

He, however, expressed the hope that banks would grant the cooperative with loans with which to purchase modernized jeepneys so that by June this year, “we can already go full swing.”


Meanwhile, the president of another and much bigger transport organization, while agreeing with Parcon, has more choice words to say about the MVIS.

“The impending implementation by the LTO of this MVIS guidelines will surely annihilate most, if not all, of the public utility jeepneys not just in Iloilo City but the entire country considering the stringent requirements of the inspection,” said Mr. Halley Alcarde of the Western Visayas Transport Cooperative (WVTC), a broad alliance of transport groups here in the region.

He also expressed concurrence with Parcon’s claim that the majority of the PUJs plying Iloilo City routes will surely fail the inspection after seeing the 60-point MVIS checklist.


Based on the LTO’s memo circular, there are at least 60 inspection points that will be checked in a PUJ—plate number, file number, chassis number, body appearance, seat belt, to name just a few—before they can pass the inspection and given a PMVIC certificate. The LTO will then require the PMVIC certificate prior to registration of the vehicle.

Also, the inspection fee for four-wheeled vehicles on first testing is pegged at P1,800 while a P600 fee is charged for motorcycles. In the event a vehicle fails to pass the first testing, a retesting can be had for P900 for four-wheeled vehicles and P300 for motorcycles./(N. Glenn Aragon/INews)

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