116K residents in Aklan now fully vaxxed

(Photo: Aklan PHO)

PHOTO CAPTION: The vaccination rate in Aklan for fully jabbed individuals is now at 24 percent as the province accelerates its vaccination program in Boracay Island./iNews

KALIBO, Aklan–As of October 23, the province of Aklan has fully vaccinated 116,335 individuals, Regional Vaccination Operations Center figures show.

Despite this accounting for just 24.86 percent of the eligible population, a larger percentage at 40.92 percent or 174,995 residents are already halfway through, having already been jabbed once with one dose of a vaccine that requires two: Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac.

Health authorities are targeting to fully inoculate 70 percent or 427,000 of the eligible population before further easing quarantine protocols and restrictions across the province.

Still, Aklan seems on track for a new community quarantine status on November 1 as the current reproduction numbers of COVID-19 are considered at a low level.

The province is currently listed under general community quarantine until October 31.

On Saturday, October 23, Aklan reported another drop in new coronavirus infections, with no new local cases nor deaths.

Cumulatively, a total of 319 people have died from the disease and 12,616 confirmed cases have been recorded since last year.

In addition, of the 36 variant cases in Aklan, 28 were of the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Provincial Health Officer I Dr. Cornelio Cuachon, Jr. said the slowdown in daily infections coincides with the decrease in the number of admissions in hospitals in recent weeks.


In Boracay Island, 91.96 percent of tourism workers—equating to 11,779 out of 12,809 shots administered—and 77.86 percent of residents now have optimum protection from COVID-19.

With the steady supply of vaccines and accelerated pace of vaccination, officials are optimistic of reaching a 100% vaccination turn out soon which, for incoming travelers, would mean negative RT-PCR test results would no longer be a requirement to enter the island. Instead, the presentation of vaccination cards would already suffice. (Boy Ryan Zabal/iNews-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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