2 sites in Kalibo identified for COVID-19 vaccine drive

PHOTO CAPTION: Kalibo Pastrana Park covered court is one of two vaccination sites identified by the local government unit of Kalibo. The other one is Aklan Catholic College (ACC) gymnasium./iNEWS

KALIBO, Aklan–The town of Kalibo, Aklan, has shortlisted two vaccination sites where local authorities plan to inoculate residents of 16 barangays with COVID-19 vaccines.

The candidates emerged at a press briefing on February 22, 2021, when Kalibo mayor Emerson Lachica, Kalibo vaccine czar Rey Villaruel, and Kalibo acting municipal health officer Dr. Jocelyn Garcia updated the public on the LGU’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kalibo Pastrana Park covered court and Aklan Catholic College (ACC) gymnasium, all in Barangay Poblacion, have been designated as inoculation sites for priority groups as soon as the vaccines are available.

The priority groups for the initial rollout are medical health workers, senior citizens, and indigent families.  They will be the first to receive the initial 16,400 vaccines.

Kalibo mayor Emerson Lachica/iNEWS

Residents of Old Buswang, Tinigaw, Linabuan Norte, Andagao, Mobo, Bakhaw Sur, Bakhaw Norte, and a portion of Poblacion will be vaccinated at the ACC gymnasium. The vaccine rollout for residents of New Buswang, Caano, Mabilo, Tigayon, Estancia, Briones, Nalook, and another portion of Poblacion, meanwhile, will take place at the Kalibo Pastrana Park covered court.

The vaccination facilities have so far passed the criteria for the massive government rollout, which targets to inoculate 90% of the total 86,000 population of Kalibo to achieve herd immunity.

“We are also making sure the vaccination teams are ready when needed for the local vaccination program,” Lachica said.

The vaccination teams are being organized and trained by the Department of Health to help with the mass vaccination. Aside from vaccination teams, security personnel will be deployed once the vaccination operations begin in Kalibo.

A mass vaccination simulation exercise will be conducted with health care workers and target individuals in order to demonstrate the vaccination process and to assess the operational ability of vaccinators.

The local government of Kalibo earlier entered into a confidential disclosure agreement with a British manufacturer to purchase AstraZeneca vaccines. The free COVID-19 vaccines for beneficiaries are expected to be delivered early March or in the second quarter of this year./(Boy Ryan Zabal/iNEWS-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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