All individuals for quarantine screened before entering isolation quarters–city facility head

PHOTO CAPTION: While City Quarantine Facility manager Gab Umadhay said that what happened to this man was “definitely the first time” on his watch, it probably won’t be the last as depression is starting to affect individuals on quarantine in the city’s isolation facilities. (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of Aksyon Radyo Iloilo’s Facebook page)

ILOILO CITY–All individuals set for eventual turnover to the city’s quarantine facilities are strictly screened before they enter isolation at their assigned facility and the incident that involved a COVID-positive man going “wild” and trying to escape from quarantine was “definitely the first time” that something like it happened.

This, according to Gab Umadhay, the city’s Quarantine Facility Manager.

He said that since recently, all classrooms in public schools being used to house individuals undergoing quarantine have at least two occupants “kay para may istoryahon sila. Sa previous nga experience, kun isa lang sila (pasyente) nga naka-isolate, daw medyo sakit gid kag daw ka-depressing gid sang ginabatyag nila […so that they will have someone to talk to. From our previous experience, when the patient was strictly isolated alone, it was very distressing and depressing for them].”

It’s better for those on quarantine to have someone with them in the room, he added.

Umadhay also said each facility has a standby nurse, although those on quarantine can talk to them only through a cellphone call.

He said some of those undergoing isolation would bring their gadgets with them to pass the time entertained while a group from Bacolod City pays the facility regular visits to give away mental health kits in the form of art materials.

Umadhay also dwelled on reports of patients in quarantine facilities getting depressed but said it was the first time that someone on isolation actually went “wild” in one of the rooms and even tried to escape from the quarantine facility.

He clarified that, like everybody else, that particular patient was screened prior to his transfer to the quarantine facility. In fact, he exhibited normal behavior in the first few days from his arrival but his mental condition started to decline on the fourth day of his isolation.

It was learned the patient was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from his alcohol addiction when he tried to escape from the facility. Fortunately, even though he was able to jump over the facility’s perimeter wall, he was immediately collared by cops assigned to the area. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNEWS)

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