CAMP beneficiaries with incorrect names can still claim financial aid, says DOLE-6

PHOTO CAPTION: DOLE-6 PIO John Mandarin said those who are yet to receive their CAMP financial assistance because of incorrect names can still do so by submitting additional documents to ‘amend’ their names. (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of Philippine News Agency)

ILOILO CITY–Beneficiaries of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)’s COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) who are yet to receive their financial assistance from remittance centers due to problems in the spelling of their names can still claim it by submitting additional documents to the said government agency to ‘amend’ their names.

This, after members of the Bakhaw San Vicente Trisikad Drivers Association (BSVDA) complained that they could not claim the financial assistance due to them because of issues encountered at the remittance centers with regards to their names.

According to DOLE-6 public information officer John Mandario, they are in the process of introducing amendments to the beneficiaries’ names, which mainly involve wrong spellings and missing suffixes or middle initials.

He disclosed that in the entire Western Visayas, a total of 993 CAMP beneficiaries were unable to claim their financial assistance because of the said problem and have requested amendments to their names.

“Kun ang problema man lang ang spelling sang ngalan, dapat magpadala sila sang email sa [email protected]…request for amendments of name lang dira ang isulat nimo kag i-request mo gid nga islan ang ngalan mo – spelling, halimbawa [If the problem is only with the spelling of their name, they can send an email to [email protected]…and request for amendments to your name, request that your name—the spelling, for example—be changed],” Mandario said.

The person requesting should also affix in the email a certification from their association signed by their chairman stating the wrong name and the correct name of the beneficiary and a scanned copy of the beneficiary’s government-issued ID indicating the correct name.

As soon as the email is received, the DOLE Regional Office 6 would then fill out a DOLE 7 template to correct the name.

He explained that, since it is the excess CAMP fund from DOLE-7 that DOLE-6 will be used to pay out the remaining program beneficiaries in WV since that of the region has been fully distributed, it will be DOLE-7 that will coordinate with the remittance center in rectifying the mistake in the beneficiaries’ name.

Mandario said the beneficiaries would then wait for between one and three days for the amendments to take effect in order for them to claim their CAMP financial aid. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNEWS)

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