Even tighter health protocols in Aklan after all-time high single day infections

PHOTO CAPTION: Aklanons should expect to contend with more restrictive health protocols following a distressing number of new COVID-19 cases across the province, with many of the COVID-positive persons now hospitalized at the Aklan provincial hospital./iNEWS

KALIBO, Aklan–Things are going to get even tighter in Aklan.

This, after the province logged an all-time high single day infection total of 95 new cases on June 18—the highest since the pandemic began.

Tightened pandemic protocols in COVID-19 “hot zones” are what the local government intends to impose in an attempt to stem virus transmission and avoid overwhelming the health care system of the province.

Right now, the trajectory of cases is alarmingly high in urbanized towns such as Kalibo with 155, Ibajay with 140, and Malay with 132.

As of Friday, Nabas reported 68 active infections and Numancia, 52. In Makato, health officials recorded 51 active cases while New Washington has 50.

The number of hospital admissions has also risen in recent weeks with 54 patients already in hospital after testing positive; in Kalibo alone, 21 individuals are admitted due to COVID-19.

As for the average number of daily cases, this rose sharply by 124 percent to 65 from June 5 to June 18 compared to the 14-day average of 29 cases from May 22 to June 4.

To date, Aklan, which has a population of more than 600,000, has 888 active infections. Authorities have recorded a total of 3,406 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 76 deaths, or a case fatality rate of 2.23 percent.

The province’s vaccination drive is nothing to be happy about, either, as of the first week of June, only about 21,000 people had received at least one dose of the vaccines, or less than one percent of the population. (Boy Ryan Zabal/iNEWS-Aklan/Boracay Bureau)

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