Give us a year to modernize PUJs for MVIS testing, WVTC asks DoTr chief

AFTER sending a letter to Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade (center) asking for the postponement of the Motor Vehicle Inspection System, public transport group leaders Halley Alcarde (left) and Raymundo Parcon (right) are now on a wait-and-see-what-happens mode./INews

ILOILO CITY–A broad alliance of transport groups here in Western Visayas has taken their opposition to the government’s novel vehicle inspection system a step further by penning a letter to the ‘mother ship’ of the public transport sector: the Department of Transportation (DoTr).

After granting media interviews in which they expressed their resistance to the ‘posthaste’ implementation of the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS), the Western Visayas Transport Cooperative (WVTC), represented by general manager Halley Alcarde and chairman Raymundo “Boyet” Parcon, sent a moving communication to DoTr Secretary Arthur Tugade asking for the postponement of the MVIS.

“The implementation of the MVIS, in our belief, is ill-timed, considering the current sufferings of the transport sector in this part of the country…exacerbated by the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country. This does not only hinder the free-flow movement of our people but put our public transport sector on the lowest level of financial returns,” the transport coop wrote.

Alcarde and Parcon both believe that the untimely implementation of the MVIS at this time will likely result in the phasing out of almost all of their jeepney units, subsequently putting commuters at a great disadvantage.

“We are writing you to ask that you seriously consider this as our plea for you to allow an extension of at least one year or up to December 31, 2021, before implementing this project in this part of the country so as to give ample time for our supposed acquired units to operate on the roads and replace our old jeepney units. This way we don’t leave a vacuum of transport jeepneys on our roads,” the WMTC letter further stated.

“Your kind consideration of this appeal, Mr. Secretary, would bring enormous impact to thousands of our coop members and their families, whose source of income is entirely dependent on this industry, especially at this very challenging time,” it said in conclusion.

Earlier, the two transport leaders said that the 60-point inspection checklist of the MVIS would most likely result in a major upheaval or “annihilation” of the local transport situation in the city as the majority of their present fleet could not possibly pass the stringent inspection called for by the MVIS scheme./(N. Glenn Aragon/INews)

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