Pandan cop rapped for firing service firearm after fuming over slow internet connection

PHOTO CAPTION: A cop in Antique is now in hot water after he fired his service rifle to vent his anger over mobile phone-related reasons./iNEWS (Concept photo only.)

ANTIQUE–Children and teenagers are no longer just the ones getting addicted to online multi-player games like Mobile Legends as grown-ups appeared to have also taken up the ‘sport’. But if playing the game upsets you in any way so much that you resort to expressing your anger by firing a gun, then you’ve got yourself a serious problem.

A policeman assigned at the Pandan Municipal Police Station (MPS) has been stripped of his position and is still languishing behind bars—no different from ordinary criminals he helped lock up—after he allegedly fired his service firearm indiscriminately recently. The reason? Internet connection in their area was so slow he found it hard to properly play “Mobile Legends” on his phone.

Based on the results of the initial investigation by the Pandan MPS, the suspect, identified as P/Staff Sgt. Jhune Alvarez, became livid due to the very slow internet signal in their house resulting in his poor ML play, although he claimed online sabong (cockfight) was to blame for his outburst.

It was said that Alvarez tried fixing the connection but when the signal didn’t improve, coupled with his live-in partner refusing to stop watching videos on YouTube, a heated argument between them ensued, the reason for the latter to seek help from Alvarez’s colleagues at the Pandan MPS.

But when cops arrived at the scene, Alvarez brandished his service M16 rifle and fired a couple of shots on the ground. That forced the responding policemen to disarm him of his service rifle and arrest him.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.

Alvarez has since been relieved of his position and placed under the custody of the Provincial Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit (PPHAU) of the Antique Police Provincial Office (AnPPO).

Meanwhile, the Provincial Internal Affairs Service (PIAS) continues to investigate the administrative case filed against him. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNEWS)

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