Police now have facial identity of suspect in ATM card heist from CCTV footage

PHOTO CAPTION: P/Maj. Shella Mae Sangrines (inset) of the ICPO’s City Proper Police Station has said they now have the facial identity of the suspect who duped a senior citizen of his ATM card in a mall in the city, eventually stealing from his bank account a total of P170,000./iNews (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of ICPO and Zee Business)

ILOILO CITY–The Iloilo City Police Office’s (ICPO) City Proper Police Station already has a person of interest in the case involving a senior citizen who was duped into handing over his automated teller machine (ATM) card to a stranger in a mall at the City Proper district last week.

This was announced by P/Maj. Shella Mae Sangrines, chief of the City Proper Police Station, who said they already have the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the interaction between the victim and the suspect at the ATM.

It was from the video clip that they identified the woman as being the one who victimized the elderly man.

Sangrines added they have coordinated with another establishment where the suspect also transacted that same day.

She said the suspect appears quite familiar to her and that the ICPO is now checking its records to confirm the woman’s full identity.

Moreover, Sangrines said, the police are now trying to ascertain if a theft ring utilizing this modus operandi has made a comeback to the city especially since the holiday season is lucrative for swindlers.

To recall, it was on December 17 when the senior citizen victim was approached by the female suspect as he was withdrawing money from an ATM in a mall in the city. It was likely that she was already watching his every move, including making note of his personal identification number (PIN), before approaching him perhaps on the pretext that she was missing her card or had accidentally left it there and managed to convince him to show her his card to make sure it wasn’t hers. And when the victim handed over the bank card, she, with skillful sleight of hand, replaced it with a bogus one.

The following day, much to the man’s surprise, his card got declined when he tried withdrawing money again. Only then did he discover the anomaly. Unfortunately, his surprise quickly turned to shock and despair when, upon checking with his bank, he learned that his savings account had been depleted of P170,000. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNews)

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