Quarantined pregnant woman about to deliver ‘ignored’ by facility’s nurse

PHOTO CAPTION: Officials of both the municipal government-owned quarantine facility and Batad town are yet to issue a statement on reports a quarantined pregnant woman was ignored by the nurse stationed at the said facility when she went in labor last Monday evening./iNews (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of Victoria Bejar’s FB page)

ILOILO–A pregnant patient who was undergoing quarantine in Batad, Iloilo, had to be helped into a vehicle by her fellow quarantined patients to be rushed to the hospital to deliver her child last Monday night, October 11. Meanwhile, despite all the noise and commotion, the nurse stationed at the quarantine facility was allegedly unperturbed and came out of her office only after the pregnant woman was already in the vehicle about to leave for the hospital.

According to Brgy. Salong kagawad and the patient’s grandmother Noime Jorge, it was Thursday last week when her granddaughter was swabbed as a requirement for those who are about to undergo childbirth. The following day, she was placed in quarantine together with her husband after allegedly being found positive for COVID-19.

On Saturday night, she started experiencing cramping and abdominal pain, which dissipated after about an hour or so. The following day, the contractions returned but, knowing that a nurse and a midwife were stationed at the quarantine facility, this did not worry them.

On Monday night, the midwife assigned to the facility came with an ambulance after Jorge’s granddaughter continued to have abdominal pain and contractions, the latter, though, coming in fewer and farther between. According to the barangay kagawad, the midwife performed an internal examination (IE) of the patient and declared she was not about to give birth yet.

However, after just a couple of hours or around 9 pm, her granddaughter’s husband came knocking at their door telling them they urgently needed a vehicle to transport his wife to the hospital as the baby was already crowning. They hurriedly returned to the quarantine facility and wasted no time in putting the pregnant woman into the vehicle with the help of the other patients also quarantining at the said facility.

Jorge said her granddaughter delivered the baby as soon as they arrived at the hospital, ahead of the midwife who got there in the ambulance with the referral.

She claimed the attending doctor even questioned the midwife why they placed the patient in quarantine despite the absence of an RT-PCR test result. She also bared that her granddaughter’s husband was able to go to their house to fetch her because there was no one in the facility to ensure comings and goings were monitored or permitted.

Officials of the quarantine facility or the Batad local government unit are yet to issue a statement regarding this matter as of press time. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNews)

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