RCEU-6 ass’t chief in indiscriminate firing rap to get pre-charge probe notice from RIAS-6

PHOTO CAPTION: The assistant chief of the Regional Communications and Electronics Unit (RCEU) here in the region is in hot water after indiscriminately firing his gun inside Camp Delgado last July 7. (N. Glenn Aragon/Photo courtesy of PRO-6 Facebook page)

ILOILO CITY–The assistant chief of the Regional Communications and Electronics Unit (RCEU) under the Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 who was recently rapped for illegal discharge of firearm will soon receive a pre-charge investigation notice from the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS)-6.

According to P/Colonel Roger James Brilliantes, the RIAS-6 director, RCEU-6 assistant chief P/Major Elde Frondoza Labis will formally be in receipt of the said notice today, July 12, for firing his gun inside the compound of Camp Martin Delgado recently.

Brillantes said that with the notice formalizing the charges against Labis, he can now proceed to submit his counter-affidavit belying the allegations against him as well as other pieces of evidence to help in the conduct of the investigation by RIAS.

Based on the initial investigation conducted by RIAS-6, it was July 7 at around 10:38 in the evening when P/Sr. Master Sergeant Benito Daligdig Nueva Espena III came out of the restroom of RCEU-6’s regional headquarters and saw the door of the kitchen open.

Espena proceeded to close the door and was already on his way back to his quarters to sleep when Labis approached him, gun in hand, asking him why he was in the area.

It wasn’t clear if Espena gave an answer before he turned his back to return to his room, but it was in the ensuing moments that a shot coming from Labis’ room rang out.

Immediately, P/Lt. Col. Bryan Gregorio, acting chief of the RCEU-6 who was roused from sleep by the ensuing commotion, went to the area and confiscated Labis’ firearm. (N. Glenn Aragon/iNEWS)

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