Treñas lambasts city BPO firm for non-cooperation amid Covid death

Mayor Treñas during a recent meeting with BPO representatives to thresh out issues involving the Covid-19 pandemic affecting employees of the BPO industry in the city of Iloilo.

It’s been quite a while now since Iloilo City mayor Jerry Treñas last blew his top over some people’s inability to conscientiously follow government-mandated protocols relative to the fight against the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

Looks like he is about to lose his cool yet again, this time against a still unnamed BPO (business processing outsourcing) firm that continues to defy the city leadership despite calls for it to open its doors and make available all its employees for immediate testing following the death of an immediate family of an agent.

“To inform the public and set the record straight, Friday last week we informed the BPO that one of its agents’ family member died,” the city mayor said while emphasizing, “and that it needs to contain the spread of the virus by testing all its employees with the help of the City Health Office.”

According to Treñas though, almost a week had since passed and the said BPO is yet to comply with all the requirements of the city government.

“In fact, it was only on Thursday morning that it allowed our CHO to start conducting swab testing, but to my surprise they did but only for a few of its agents.”

Treñas voiced concern that the management’s non-cooperation with the city government could have easily led to city residents, not just their agents, exposed to the virus.

“We already lost a life; how many more lives do they want to lose (by not cooperating)?” he hinted.

The city chief executive said was hoping the BPO management would finally realize its fault, be transparent with what is happening, and to put the health and lives of its employees paramount above anything else.

“We need to move fast to stop the spread of the virus. At this time, our foremost priority is to save the lives of as many people as we possibly can. We need everyone’s cooperation on this,” Treñas averred.

It may be recalled that the city mayor earlier called the attention of the said call center for its utter “lack of cooperation, negligence and irresponsibility.”

As a direct consequence of its inaction and misbehavior, Trenas ordered that the BPO management should look for its own RT-PCR lab provider to address the situation./N. Glenn Aragon

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