Brgy chief, 2 kagawads soon to face raps for power theft

(Main photo caption) THE MORE apprehending team headed by MORE Power Conversion Manager Ariel Castañeda (in red) in front of Brgy. Dela Rama village chief Sergio “Boy Punga” Espinosa’s warehouse to which Espinosa’s illegal connection was found attached./iNews (composite photo)

ILOILO CITY–A barangay captain and two kagawads of three different barangays in the city of Iloilo seem to be a whole lot less honorable than their titles would lead you to believe.

This, after they were all found, in just a span of 10 days, to be engaged in some form of power pilferage.

First to fall was Kagawad Alex Moleño of Brgy. Yulo-Arroyo in the City Proper district after he was caught by the MORE Power apprehension team last February 10 of not only stealing electricity from the distribution utility but also of selling it.

The MORE Power Apprehension Team operation at the City Proper which identified Kagawad Alex Moleño of Brgy. Yulo-Arroyo not only as one who’s stealing electricity but also distributing it to his neighbors for a fee./iNews

On the day of the discovery, the MORE team found attached to MORE Power’s secondary line a huge wire that was eventually traced to the residential compound of Kgwd. Moleño and his family. Inside, the whole set-up branched out into wires that connected to several houses at the back of the Moleño compound.

According to information, Moleño charges each of his ‘customers’ P1,000 every month for their electrical consumption.

More than a week later, on February 18, it was the turn of Brgy. Dela Rama village chief Sergio “Boy Punga” Espinosa to be exposed as a power pilferer after it was discovered that he didn’t have an electric meter of his own and was just illegally connected to an adjacent warehouse.

He was not in his house when the MORE apprehension team arrived to disconnect his illegal tap.

The lucky streak of MORE Power’s apprehension team against barangay officials stealing electric power from the distribution utility didn’t end there as only today, just 24-hours after the apprehension in Brgy. Dela Rama, another barangay kagawad, Jeffrey Tan of Brgy. Yulo Drive in Arevalo district, was discovered to have been illegally tapping electricity by placing his wires inside plastic pipes intended for water and hiding them underneath a cemented hump on the road.

HIDDEN…BUT NOT FOR LONG. Electric wires were discovered encased inside water plastic pipes and hidden underneath a cemented hump in Brgy. Yulo Drive in Arevalo. Surprisingly, the wires led to the house of Kagawad Jeffrey Tan of the said barangay./iNews

To make matters worse, apart from Tan, Tan’s brother-in-law surnamed Perea and a neighbor by the name of Karl Arthur Nietes were also found to be enjoying ‘free’ electricity courtesy of Tan.

All the illegal taps were disconnected and thereafter confiscated by the apprehension team to be used as evidence to the cases that they will soon file against the culprits for violation of Republic Act No. 7832, or the Anti-Electricity Pilferage Law./(N. Glenn Aragon/iNews)

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