UNegA fields candidate in Bacolod

PHOTO CAPTION: Former Bacolod City councilor Sonya Verdeflor (center, seated) with former congressman Alfredo Benitez (1st from left, seated) and other members of UNegA who are believed to be in the lineup of the latter in the 2022 local elections./iNews

BACOLOD CITY–The United Negros Alliance (UNegA), a political party based in Negros Occidental, is fielding a candidate in Bacolod City for the 2022 local elections.

Cadiz City Mayor Salvador Escalante confirmed to iNews on Sunday that they have issued a Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) to former Bacolod City councilor Atty. Sonya Verdeflor, making her an official candidate of UNEGA.

Verdeflor, the spouse of UNegA head secretariat Nonong Verdeflor, will be joining the slate of former congressman Alfredo Benitez.

Sonya Verdeflor/INews

According to her, she was impressed with Benitez’s plans for Bacolod and that convinced her to run again for city councilor.

Verdeflor was city councilor from 2001 to 2004 and from 2010 to 2019.

“Actually, it’s not what he said (to me); it’s his vision and programs for Bacolod City that made me decide to join him. I want to help,” the former councilor said in a separate interview.

Verdeflor said the thrust of Benitez to involve and consult other city and barangay officials as well as various sectors when planning the city’s Executive Budget is “good and democratic”.

“I can’t remember the last time we were consulted in the budget planning; it’s been so long. The budget is already finished when it is submitted for approval…the councilors are not involved in the planning, so many city ordinances that have budget requirements are not given any,” she said. (Eugene Y. Adiong/iNews-Bacolod/Negros Bureau)

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